A downloadable game

Attack Tactic takes inspiration from the Fire Emblem and Mystery Dungeon series and mixes the two to create its own style of gameplay. Assemble and build your team in the hub, then test them out on quests or pure exploration.

The game is still in a conceptual phase at the moment and doesn't have a lot to it, but I do plan to keep up development with it with any free time I have. A few of the main focal points for me are:

- A story to give the game purpose, beyond gameplay

- PvP multiplayer

- Additional content (items, dungeons, quests, dialogue, mechanics, etc.)

- Mac support (might already work; don't have a Mac to test with so idk)

It's quite literally just me working on this, so a message with any ideas, issues, or general feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Requires Java 8*


Attack Tactic.zip 10 MB